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Yo, man! I'm headin' over to your place right now!

Everyone who's been behind the wheel of a car should be able to relate to some or all of this playful poke at people's driving habits. Or at the very least, it should make you laugh. (We hope!!)

Yessss!!! It's true! We finally won a Scrapshots! The audience gave us a total of 708 votes, beating the second place film by 44 votes. Although winning has never been our goal at these events, it certainly felt nice!! Maybe it was karmic... seeing as though I was the poster boy (382k PDF). A special thank-you goes out to everyone who has supported our films at the Scrapshots events! Muchos grašias!!

Watch A Nice Morning Drive via streaming video here! (3.6 Mb ASF file, 4min 58sec) If the streaming video is too choppy, right click the link and choose "Save As..." to watch it offline.

Written by Chris Gabel
Starring Chris Gabel as "William" and "Malcolm" (The Voice of William's Father) to return

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