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Lee and Chris Gabel

Chris (left) and Lee Gabel.
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Press Release for Ways of Knowing

Click here to read an article about us in a local newspaper, the Goldstream Gazette.
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Reel Radicals Productions is an independent video production company located in Victoria, B.C., Canada.  It is owned and operated by the Gabel brothers, Lee and Chris.

Lee's specialty is incorporating CG (computer generated) animation into our video productions, using several software packages, including Lightwave, Messiah, Aura, Photoshop and After Effects. Lee's talents were honed on earlier personal projects, and they really shine in Reel Radicals' newest production, Ways of Knowing.

Chris's specialty is directing. He has a very visual mind and is an avid fan of moviemaking. Chris has a great sense of humor, as evident in his parody of the Indiana Jones movies, The Adventures of Denim Jones. With Ways of Knowing, Chris explores his more serious side, but never forgets to keep it light.

For the latest information on Reel Radicals Productions, visit our news & upcoming events page.

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