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Hair of the Dog

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Ya look like BOLLOCKS, Nancy!

You wake up after a hard night of partying. Your mouth is dry. Your head throbs. Your body aches. There's a condom stuck in your hair. What's the first thing you need? Did you say "an annoying salesman with a fake British accent"? Well, you're in luck! After downing a glassful of Hair of the Dog, you'll be in top shape!

Hair of the Dog is Reel Radicals Productions' sophomore entry in the Scrapshots! competition and this time we wanted to go for the ultimate gross-out. And yes... Lee actually drinks the concoction!!

Watch Hair of the Dog via streaming video here! (6.1 Mb ASF file, 8min 18sec) If the streaming video is too choppy, right click the link and choose "Save As..." to watch it offline.

Written by Lee Gabel
Starring Lee Gabel as "Nancy" and Chris Gabel as "The Salesman" to return

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