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The History of the Gabel Brothers

Lee and Chris have been involved in filmmaking since they were very young. Lee bought a Super-8 film camera when he was 14 and the two collaborated on many different short films. They experimented with stop-motion photography, live action and everything in between. They used as many in-camera effects as they could think of - and a few out-camera effects, too, including scratching the film in order to have a laser bolt shoot across the frame. Not having the tools to make the effects they wanted forced them to be creative and find feasible ways to achieve a similar result.

They made the jump to video when Lee bought an 8mm video camera in 1990. Lee shot some music videos and worked on other projects while attending the Applied Communication Program at Camosun College. Their first big video project was a parody of the Indiana Jones movies called The Adventures of Denim Jones.

Chris pursued his academic career and earned a degree in Physics and Astronomy at UVic. This education, combined with an extensive background in computer science, landed him a job in the information technology industry. After college, Lee got work as a graphic designer at a local publishing company, but had dreams of forming his own company. He made those dreams a reality in 1996 when he started up his own web design company, PixSell Industries. Recently he has switched focus and has pursued a career in computer generated imagery and animation under his new company, Luna Seven Imagery.

The two were talking one night and Lee asked, "If you could do anything you wanted for a living, what would it be?" "I'd make movies," Chris replied in an instant. "So why don't you?" Chris didn't have a good answer. Lee had already invested in some high end computer equipment for Luna Seven which was capable of digital video editing. Chris invested in some video equipment and Reel Radicals Productions was born. to return

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