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Projects completed by Reel Radicals Productions

  • Reel Radicals Productions Animated Logo

    Reel Radicals Productions Animated Logo
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    Ways of Knowing (July 2001)
    The inaugural short film from Reel Radicals Productions tells the story of James Quinn, a man suffering from intense headaches and paranoia. He seeks out psychologist and self-proclaimed alien abduction expert Dr. Clyde Bruckman to help him. But who really gets helped in the end?

Other "Just For Fun" Projects

  • Scrapshots! Submissions
    Scrapshots! is a local monthly film competition that uses the
    one-piece discipline of filmmaking: one camera, one shot, no panning, no zooming, no dollying, and no post-production. Why do we do this? It keeps our creative juices flowing and allows us to stay on top of the game with our minds always on filmmaking. Plus, we get to network with other like-minded filmmakers, and the bottom line is - it's fun!! The rules of the competition puts certain limits on the production quality, but if the films make you laugh, then they have done their job. Besides, all work and no play makes Reel Radicals Productions a dull company! We like to play and get away from the serious side of film making every now and then.
    Our Scrapshpts! submissions include the following titles:
  • The Adventures of Denim Jones - Special Edition (October 2000)
    Although, not "technically" a Reel Radicals Production, this parody of the Indiana Jones movies was the first major production from the Gabel brothers.

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