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A not so long time ago in a galaxy just down the street...

So, what does a Jedi Knight do after saving the galaxy from the evil Galactic Empire? Retire on Dagobah? Train young Jedi apprentices? Perhaps... but the life of a Jedi might be a little less adventurous than you think.

Luke:The Later Years marks Reel Radicals Productions' first entry in Scrapshots! and we managed to get second place in July's event! Not too shabby for our first attempt, considering the margin of victory was a mere two votes out of almost seven hundred.

Watch Luke:The Later Years via streaming video here! (4.1 Mb ASF file, 5min 36sec) If the streaming video is too choppy, right click the link and choose "Save As..." to watch it offline.

Written by Chris Gabel
Starring Chris Gabel as "Luke" and Sheila Gabel as "Honey" to return

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