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~ Sci-fi is alive and well in View Royal ~

VICTORIA, B.C. - Brothers Chris and Lee Gabel have completed their second short film, Ways of Knowing. The 20 minute movie took 6 weeks to produce and will make its world premiere at the 2nd Annual Vancouver Island Independent Film, Video and New Media Festival over the August 4-6 long weekend. It will debut on the internet shortly thereafter.

What's the film about? "It's hard to describe without giving away specific plot details, but I will say this: It involves alien abduction," said Chris Gabel.

James Pagnotta, a friend of Chris's, wrote the sci-fi screenplay. "We previously adapted the story for a radio play on CFUV, UVic's campus radio station. I always liked the story. I thought it would make a great short film," said Chris.

Now, after the success of their first short film The Adventures of Denim Jones, Chris and Lee will use Ways of Knowing as their inaugural film to launch their newly formed independent film production company, Reel Radicals Productions.

"An independent film production company was the next logical step," said Chris. "We'll start with short films to begin with, but then, who knows? Anything is possible these days. That's what is really exciting about this business."

"Denim Jones was a great learning experience," Lee adds, "but we were using outdated equipment and the final image quality suffered because of that. This time, we knew what we had to do to get it right. Plus, we really wanted to push the limit of what is technically possible with one desktop computer."

And push the limit they did. After investing in some new digital video, lighting and sound equipment, and additional post-production software, the Gabel brothers had all the tools they needed to get Reel Radicals Productions started.

With his 3d animation company, Luna Seven Imagery, Lee tackled the effects and animation for the film. Fifteen percent of the shots in Ways of Knowing are either CG (computer graphics) animation, or composited CG with live action. "We used a lot of green screen keying and camera matching to isolate the actors and place them into the CG backgrounds," said Lee. Over a six day period, more than 5,000 frames of CG animation were created for the film. "It was a grueling production schedule, especially near the end, but we got it done."

"Since we only had one computer, Lee would work on the animation during the day and I would edit during the evening," said Chris. "I just left holes in the film to drop in the completed CG shots later. We saved a lot of time this way, and since we had the entire film storyboarded, we knew we were right on track."

"Considering we had one computer, a limited budget, and no 'big boy toys' that you normally find in the broadcast industry, I think the film turned out really well," said Lee.

Ways of Knowing will premiere at the 2nd Annual Vancouver Island Independent Film, Video and New Media Festival in the Victoria Conference Centre, Sunday, August 5, between 10am and 11am. (Showtimes are approximate and are subject to change.) For current film schedule information please click here. The film will be posted on the internet as a streaming video file shortly thereafter.

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Chris Gabel, (250) 480-0667,
Chris AT ReelRadicals DOT com
Lee Gabel, (250) 472-8516,
Lee AT ReelRadicals DOT com to return

Ways of Knowing
August 2, 2001


Chris Gabel, 31, lives in Victoria and is the principal owner of Reel Radicals Productions. Chris also works as a programmer analyst for BC OnLine, which manages electronic access to B.C. government databases.

Lee Gabel, 32, lives in Victoria and runs his own computer graphics and 3D animation company, Luna Seven Imagery.

The two brothers grew up in Victoria's Cadboro Bay neighbourhood and have always been fascinated by movies, movie characters and moviemaking. As kids, they teamed up to make short Super-8 movies, sending them off to a local hardware store to be processed.

Their second film, Ways of Knowing, marks the first film produced by their newly formed company Reel Radicals Productions.

*** THE STORY ***

James Quinn, suffering from intense headaches and paranoia, seeks out psychologist and self-proclaimed alien abduction expert Dr. Clyde Bruckman to help him... But who really gets helped in the end?


Ways of Knowing

Chris Gabel, 31 years old, of Victoria, B.C.
Lee Gabel, 32 years old, of Victoria, B.C.

James Pagnotta, 31 years old, of Vancouver, B.C.

July 2001

20 minutes.

streaming video on the Internet.
VHS videocassette for home viewing.



Dr. Clyde Bruckman

Byron Crossley

James Tiberius Quinn

Chris Gabel

Elizabeth the Receptionist

Heather Crossley


Randolph Flagg

Baron von Wuhrm

Charlie X




Director of Photography

Flemming Sorvin

Musical Score

Chris Gabel

Boom Operator

Henrik Sorvin

Exterior Gaffer

James Pagnotta


Ed Chen and Michael Lowes

July 2001 -
Ways of Knowing
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Luke: The Later Years
October 2000 -
The Adventures of Denim Jones, Special Edition to return

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