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Reel Radicals Productions' Scrapshots! Submissions

Occasionally, the members of each Scrapshots! competition vote to include a mandatory item that must be spoken or shown within each movie. These items are listed below the description of each entry.

  • A Nice Morning Drive (February 2002)
    Driving can be both pleasure and torture. Going down the highway on a nice sunny day with the top down, or stuck behind an 18-wheeler in the middle of rush hour traffic. Air drums, road rage, and cell phones abound!
    (Mandatory Included Item: N/A)
  • Skin Deep (January 2002)
    They say beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes right down to the bone. The question is... who decides which is which?
    (Mandatory Included Item: Honey)
  • Moment of Clarity (November 2001)
    David is having problems dealing with a tragedy from his past. Can a visit from a friend help ease his pain?
    (Mandatory Included Item: N/A)
  • Dr. Evil's Evilicious Halloween House of Evil (October 2001)
    The original evil doctor is back! Join everyone's favorite villain for a little Halloween fun for all the boys and girls.
    (Mandatory Included Item: N/A)
  • on the rocks (September 2001)
    Men find solitude in many different places. Some take walks in the park, some meditate, some climb mountains. This man finds his peace somewhere else.
    (Mandatory Included Item: A camera zoom)
  • Hair of the Dog (August 2001)
    It is commonly believed by drinkers that the best way to rid one's self of a hangover is to down a glass or two of whatever it was that you over-indulged in the previous evening. Why not add a little something extra to the mix?
    (Mandatory Included Item: A condom)
  • Luke: The Later Years (July 2001)
    He's helped blow up the Death Star twice... his father chopped off his hand... he's kissed his sister... with tongue! What's next in the life of Luke? This short movie answers that question and poses several others.
    (Mandatory Included Item: Fire) to return

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