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ways of knowing

Are you 100% certain of the things you know? How can you be sure the truths you cling to are really true?

Ways of Knowing explores this philisophical debate in the context of an intriguing tale of alien abduction.

To watch Ways of Knowing, please click here.
(14.5 Mb ASF file, 20 mins)
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Tick... tick...  tick...Is James Quinn really being followed?

Click on the screen shots for a larger view.

Dr. Clyde Bruckman intends to find out.What the hell is that?
Aliens?James feels like his head is going to burst!

View the Ways of Knowing press release here.

Read the Ways of Knowing newspaper article here. (138k JPG)

Watch the Ways of Knowing interview here. (2.5 Mb ASF, 3:26)

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